I am 52 years old and have been in Kyäni since December 2009. I am married; my son Patrik is 32, my daughter Anna-Maria is 10, and my grandson Simon is 11. My husband, me and our daughter lives out on the countryside with 2 dogs and 4 cats. I love travels and spending time with my family and I am very passionate about health and what we eat and drink. I believe that chemicals and parfums in food, drinks, washing powder, soaps and so on is a major reason for the allergy- and adhd-problems we have today among children.

Since we in the family started with the Kyäni products this is what happened: My asthma is much better, and I use only half the dose of the cortison doze that before hardly was enough, and never Bricanyl/Ventoline anymore. Before I used it 3-4 times a week, at least. My allergy has almost disappeared. From taking allergy pills almost 365 days a year, I only take maybe 5 on a year. I was allergic to pollen and fury animals, but the pollen season pass without me noticing anymore. I could spend maximum 2-3 minutes in a stable before I had to get out with swollen itching eyes, sneezing and coughing with breathing problems. Now, I can even cuddle with the horse and brush it... :) Guess what that means to me and to my horse-loving daughter?

I never feel my fibromyalgia anymore. No inflammation in the muscles, and that heavy tiredness is totally gone. My husband had bad eczema (looked like cuts, 1 cm deep!) in the palm of his hands for 7 years and nothing helped. He started with Kyäni Nitro FX™ in May 2011 and 3 weeks later the eczema started to heal and is now totally healed since over a year. Our daughter went to hell in school, being badly bullied and I am absolutely sure that Kyäni Sunrise™ helped her from totally breaking down during that almost 2 years of hell, because when she started with it, after a few months of being bullied, she became stronger, happier and more harmonic. She is now a very happy girl in a new wonderful school! The extra income is a golden lining :)

Eva Lindberg Ostberg

我是 52 歲,自 2009 年 12 月以來一直在 Kyäni 中。我結婚 ;我的兒子派翠克是 32、 我的女兒安娜 - 瑪麗亞是 10,和我的孫子西蒙是 11。我的丈夫,我和我們的女兒住在 2 4 貓狗的農村。我愛旅行和花時間陪我的家人和我非常熱愛健康和我們所吃的、 喝。我相信化學品和 parfums 在食品、 飲料、 洗衣粉、 肥皂和等是我們今天的兒童中的主要原因為過敏-和多動症的問題。由於我們在家庭中始 Kyäni 產品,這是發生了什麼事: 我哮喘要好得多,並使用輕鬆瞌睡之前, 根本就不是不夠的只有一半的劑量和從未博利康尼/Ventoline 不再。以前我用它每週 3-4 次至少。我過敏也幾乎消失了。從吃過敏藥幾乎一 365 年天,我一年只取也許 5。我是過敏性花粉和憤怒的動物,但沒有我不再注意傳遞花粉季節。我還沒想出腫癢的眼睛,打噴嚏和咳嗽與呼吸問題,仍可以花在一個穩定的最大 2-3 分鐘。現在,甚至摟著那匹馬和刷它。..:)猜猜這意味著給我和我的馬愛的女兒嗎?我永遠不會再覺得我纖維肌痛。沒有炎症的肌肉和那沉重的疲倦是完全消失。我丈夫有壞濕疹 (看起來像削減,深 1 釐米)! 他的雙手手掌 7 年,並沒有什麼説明。他在 2011 年 5 月開始與 Kyäni 硝基 FX ™ 和 3 周後濕疹開始癒合,現在完全癒合以來一年多。我們的女兒去學校,不好欺負的地獄,絕對確信 Kyäni 日出 ™ 説明她從完全打破期間近 2 年的地獄,因為當她開始使用它,經過幾個月的欺負,她變得更強大、 更快樂和更諧波。她現在是非常快樂的女孩,在美麗的新學校 !額外的收入是黃金襯:)

Eva 林德伯格奧斯特貝裡歐洲 (由 Bing 提供翻譯)


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