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Kyani是美国一家高科技纯天然有机产品公司,旗下3款产品新乐思、新舒康、尼多乐,是通过高科技萃取技术从:阿拉斯加野生蓝莓、阿拉斯加野生鲑鱼、大溪地诺丽果,提取出对人体十分有效的纯天然成分制成的产品,其液体属性使得其比其他同类产品高几倍几十倍的吸收效果。 kyani美国高科技健康产品 新乐思蓝莓|新舒康鱼油|尼多乐诺丽果汁 - 销售 注册 在线购买,欢迎需要的朋友请上网,可以用这个ID: 559921 来购买产品或与我们联系! 请上网咨询医生:

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来自 Geri Akagi 的成功分享

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When I first came into Kyäni, I knew that the products worked. It helped me to get a lifestyle of health and freedom that I loved. Ever since that day I have come to love Kyäni even more. My health, the circle of friends, my financial freedom and my time freedom have all been improved tremendously. 
I thought I was living the dream until another fantastic opportunity arose -- A Dream Car Program! Thousands of “Thank Yous” to my team for their support in making this dream come true. The 2012 Audi A4 Prestige Sport is a dream car for me. The drive is beautiful, the feel and the looks of the car are awesome and everything about the car is great!! 
Kyäni has the most awesome, generous, dedicated, loving, caring people in the world and fantastic products and compensation plan. WOW!! What an awesome company. Who could ask for more? Thank you Kyäni!

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Alina Towns - Sapphire Car Program


一个非常值得您信赖的国际跨国公司 !!!


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Congratulations Bill and Mary Roach-Loomis, CA on your beautiful new Audi!

What an amazing reward for your hard work and dedication!


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