I was introduced to Kyäni one month ago today. I had injured my back 25 years ago in three areas and had moderate to severe pain every hour of every day with no relief. I could not take any medication. I had found what little relief that I could through herbs, vitamins, and minerals but it was not significant.

After I started taking the Kyäni products, I awoke on the 4th day feeling much better. I felt energized, rested, and ready for a new day. If I did not glance in a mirror, I would have believed that I was 27, not 57. I feel great! My grandson, Justin, started using the Kyäni 7 day trial pack that I sent for him. He called me on the phone. I could hear that he was different right away! His mom says he does not get tired at school, is more focused, and performs better in physical activity without soreness.

I just sent another 7 day trial pack to a granddaughter that has a learning disability and can hardly wait to see the results! A friend with joint pain is feeling so much better. I could go on. This product line does give the body what it needs to repair and heal itself in the healthiest way possible. What a wonderful place the world could be if everyone felt as healthy, pain-free, energetic and focused as I do! Thank you Kyäni!

Monica Schurtz

我被介紹給 Kyäni 一個月前今天。有三個領域後背受傷 25 年前,與有中度至重度疼痛沒有救濟與每一天每個小時。我不能採取任何藥物。我發現什麼小救濟我可以通過草藥、 維生素和礦物質,但它不是很大。我開始考慮 Kyäni 產品後,醒來的第四天,感覺好多了。我感到充滿活力、 休息,並準備好新的一天。如果不做目光的鏡子裡,我會相信我是 27,不 57。感覺很棒 !我的孫子,賈斯汀,開始使用送他的 Kyäni 7 天試用包。他給我打電話。我能聽到他馬上不一樣 !他媽媽說他在學校不會累了、 重點更突出,和在沒有酸痛的身體活動中更好地執行。我只是發送另一個 7 天試用包給孫女已有學習障礙,並可以迫不及待的想看到的結果 !與關節痛的朋友感覺好得多。我可以在這裡。此產品線不會給身體它需要修復和治癒本身可能最健康的方式。精彩放置世界可能是每個人都像我一樣覺得一樣健康、 無痛苦的、 充滿活力和重點 !Kyäni 謝謝你 !

莫妮卡 Schurtz內華達州 (由 Bing 提供翻譯)



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