I was looking for additional income after reaching retirement age and after loosing my husband to cancer. I had worked all my life side by side with my husband and I was at a loss of what to do next. While reading Meridian Magazine, I found Kyäni. At the time, I did not know it would change my lifestyle with customers and distributors becoming dear friends but also that my monthly shipments of the Kyäni Health Triangle would actually change my health as well.

I have always considered myself healthy. I was raised in Germany with a belief in holistic and alternative health treatments. I only gave in to Big Pharma drugs when absolutely necessary. I understood that most drugs would be an experiment in my body and if one drug didn't work, I wouldn’t get any money back and another prescription would come my way. I have seen this happen to my parents and brothers and sisters.

Eventually, however, I developed high blood pressure, possibly due to the stress and worry over my husband’s illness. It could also be genetic; all my siblings and parents had high blood pressure and so after doctors’ warnings, I gave in to taking LOSARTAN 50MG every day. I was on this medicine for five years. It started with arthritis in my finger joints that prevented me from opening jars or prolonged typing. I was unable to sleep at night (which caused lack of energy and even depression as times, heart palpations and other signs--a vicious cycle). But I learned to live with it. After all, I was getting older and one can expect to start having health issues, right?

Wrong! Kyäni showed me that age has nothing to do with it!!!

At 63 years old, I feel better today! I have more energy. I sleep through the night and open jars without a thought of pain in my fingers. Best of all I am OFF my prescription medicine for high blood pressure and have been for six months. Perfect pressure. Perfect sleep. I have energy to enjoy my four year old grandson and I can keep working all the hours I need, knowing I will have a great nights rest.

By the way, my daughter who suffered with severe migraines for over 15 years has not had one in over a year since taking Kyäni.

I don't know which of the three products has performed these miracles in my body and it really doesn't matter because I am hooked for life on Kyäni. It has given me 100% satisfaction and a body that looks and acts much younger than my age.

All I can say is THANK YOU Kyäni for changing my health and my life for the better!

Johanna Bachmann
North Carolina

我一直在尋找額外的收入,並失去我的丈夫的癌症後達到退休年齡。我與我的丈夫工作了我的一生,我接下來做什麼損失。同時閱讀經絡雜誌,我發現 Kyäni。當時,我不知道它會改變我的生活方式與客戶和轉銷商成為親愛的朋友,但還 Kyäni 健康三角形我每月發貨真的可以改變我的健康。我一向認為自己健康。我信仰的整體性和替代性保健治療在德國長大。我只給大型製藥公司藥品在絕對必要時。我的理解大部分藥物將是一個實驗中我的身體,如果一種藥物沒有工作、 我不會回去的任何款項和另一個處方會來我的方式。我看到了此事發生在我的父母和兄弟姐妹。最終,不過,我開發了血壓高,可能是由於壓力和擔心我丈夫的病。這也可能是遺傳 ;我的兄弟姐妹和父母有血壓高,所以醫生的警告後,我給以氯沙坦 50 毫克每一天。我是五年來這種藥。它開始在我的手指關節,阻止我打開 jar 或長期打字關節炎。無法在夜裡睡覺 (造成缺乏能源和倍,心臟觸診和其它的跡象 — — 甚至抑鬱惡性週期)。但我學會去忍受它。畢竟,我年紀,一個可以期待開始有健康問題,正確嗎?錯了 !Kyäni 給我看年齡已與它無關 !!!63 歲的我今天覺得好 !我有更多的能量。我睡到天亮,在我的手指中打開瓶子沒有痛苦的思想。最好的是我離我的血壓高的處方藥,已有六個月。完美的壓力。完美的睡眠。我有精力去享受我四歲的孫子,我還可以在所有需要,因為知道會有偉大的夜晚休息的時間。順便說一句,我的女兒 15 年遭受嚴重偏頭痛與一直無法之一 Kyäni 以來的一年。我不知道這三種產品已在我的身體中執行這些奇跡,它真的不重要因為我迷上 Kyäni 的生命。它給了我 100%的滿意度,車身的外觀和行為比我的年齡要年輕得多。我只能說是謝謝你 Kyäni 改變我的健康和我的生活更好 !

約翰娜巴赫曼北卡羅萊納州 (由 Bing 提供翻譯)


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